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The Art & Craft of Polymer 2015
Polymer Journeys
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The images here are from The Polymer Arts' article on Dan Cormier's Broken Telephone Project. The artists involved in the project documented parts of their process and sent them to Dan so he could see the path from inspiration to process to outcome. A selection of those sketches, work-in-progress photos, and inspirations were printed below the final artwork as part of the article.These are the kinds of things we would like to share with the readers of Polymer Journeys.

The Fall 2013 issue, the issue where this article can be found, and the Spring 2012 issue, which contains in-depth peeks into a number of polymer artist's studios, have been two of the best selling issues of The Polymer Arts. We believe that success is due to the look behind the artist's curtain giving readers a fuller and better view of what goes into the work, engendering a more intimate connection with the artist and the artwork. These additions will make this book more valuable and revealing than just an ordinary gallery book, bringing more attention to the artists, the medium, and the fine art aspects of polymer. 
Examples of artwork with accompanying inspirational images from a TPA article. This is not the book layout.
Our inspriation for going beyond the typical Gallery book